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Morons and Philistines

OMG! If this run of comments on this topic is anything to go by, this town is majority populated by philistines who are arrogant in their ignorance and have no idea of context. For as historical a piece as this to be completely open to the street and elements is the exact opposite of elitism and I've always thought it a shame more wasn't done to protect it in the first place.

For the Banksy piece in Hosier Lane to have been destroyed by an overzealous cleaner is an absolute travesty. That the cleaners were sent in as a response to complaints from residents that they disliked the grafitti is akin to great and historical band venues being forced out of business in this town, due to dullards from the suburbs moving into where the action is, only to complain that there's noise that they didn't have to tolerate in North Balwyn and you people at the council should do your job for once and make it stop. Robert Doyle brushing the destruction aside, saying it wasn't the Mona Lisa and an honest mistake, is a scandal and indicates that work practices within the City of Melbourne are unlikely to change and we'll probably see something like this again.

The grafitti was there before them, the bands were there before them and, if they weren't aware of any of it, that's for lack of their own due diligence when they bought the property. Sell up for the handy profit offered by the ever increasing sales prices and piss off back to the burbs where everyone is tucked up in bed by 11pm.

People that lump all grafitti into one basket and cannot tell the difference between mindless tagging and a worthy piece of art that makes social, political and cultural commentary are morons and it is a pity these are the same morons writing letters to papers and calling talkback radio that then have unthinking bureaucrats and council doing their bidding.

A Message to My Fellow Australians

There's been a lot of indignation at the international response to the Jackson Jive act on Red Faces on the second reunion show of Hey Hey It's Saturday. So many Australians have been outraged that we should be told that an act on national TV in classic "black-face" make-up is somehow racist. Many have tried to make the argument of double standards or some sort of contradiction because of characters in Tropic thunder or Saturday Night Live. The whole Robert Downey Jnr/Harry Connick - southern minister defence is a furphy because both of those characters are made up to look legitimately like black people.

The boot polish on the face and the afro shock-wigs are classic tools of oppression of African American people, used to mock and belittle the black people by depicting them as obvious objects of ridicule. None of the Jackson 5 were ever black black - they were only ever brown - and they never had great big clumps of hair standing bolt upright.

The guys clearly had a budget for the act, given the startlingly bright matching white suits they wore, if they'd simply got some proper brown make-up and fine afro wigs - even if they were 5 feet across - none of this would have been an issue. The fact that the people at Hey Hey had years and years of acts to choose from and chose that act shows that they have no better understanding of what is offensive now than they did 10 years ago when they got axed, or 20 or 30 years ago. It had always been a bit of an anachronistic embarrassment but, this time, they had someone on the spot who knew about the specific sensitivities and had the international clout to receive an immediate on-air apology.

And the idiots who are signing up for the Facebook group saying that Harry Connick is a PC idiot and just a spoilsport obviously have no idea of the outside world and the death sentence he would have been handing his career if he'd said nothing. Silence is, after all, just to tacitly support what had gone on.

Being a renowned control freak on everything he does - whether or not he actually has a producer's role - Daryl is the ultimate arbiter on the show and the one who must end up taking responsibility for it.

There are good people that work on Hey Hey, people that can create entertainment from content that doesn't require someone to be made to look like a fool, and if it wasn't for them there's no possible way I could go near the show. Daryl obviously follows the age old credo of surrounding yourself with talented people to make yourself look good but he stills comes across as the perverted uncle that smells of BO and stale beer who is going to try to finger your teenage niece as soon as he gets the opportunity. Unless they have living legend status, any women on the show are only going to be on because they look pretty and if they're a bit dim as well all the better because then we can all make jokes about them. There should have been a drinking game where you had to skull whenever Daryl made a comment about the most recently arrived beautiful/lovely/pretty/etc girl.

Having said that, Livinia Nixon has dived in my esteem since the second show, with her lack of knowledge of comic setups, talking over people on camera and sucking any creative oxygen out of the room by being critical of someone taking a chance such as saying "Wot cheeses me off is that" while pointing at the band who had gone for a bit in the intro.

But back to the point... Yes, you all are racist motheruckers - just as racist now as you were when you went to Cronulla to go Lebo-bashing - cheered on by Alan Jones, who should personally know a thing or two about bigotry - just as racist as when you thought it was a good thing when John Howard said he was glad that politicians were able to speak without having to consider political correctness, which was his only response to Pauline Hanson declaring in her maiden speech that Australia was being taken over by the Asians and brown people and the Abos were unpleasant to look at, you're just as racist as when you bought the Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson album because you pissed yourself at the song with the Abo getting more money on the dole and from benefits than Alan Bond in his prime, and you're all just as racist as when you laughed at the joke about the bloke driving through the outback, opening his door to knock down boongs, picking up the priest, almost knocking down the next boong only to have the priest say it was OK because he got him with his door.

I'd thought there might be some hope with the acknowledgment of the inhumane way this country treats asylum seekers and the apology to indigenous people but it seems I'm surrounded by inbred hick yokels who want to have a whinge about being expected to reach a civilised international standard for the treatment of fellow human beings. As much as I'll be tarred with your brush, I kinda hope there's an international characterisation of Australians as some backwoods, hillbilly type, ostracised by everyone else in the world so you can experience just what it's like and maybe gain some understanding about what's going on here.

Youse can all go and get fucked, ya cunts.


Abbott: He’s the Latham of the Right

Tony Abbot is such a smarmy little cocksucker but this morning's doorstop seemed just a little too rehearsed and premeditated. That's the one where he complained that Julia Gillard was cruising through question time with "a shit-eating grin." He actually pre-excused himself for using the phrase and then went on with it.

And it's not even a particularly witty use of strong language with that kind of run-up. If he'd spoken with his grown-up words, perhaps the story of the day would have been the point he was speaking to rather than him using the term shit-eating grin while having some issue about Gillard not scowling throughout question time.

I don't think Abbott's particularly bright. I think he's a wannabe dirty little dictator who would enforce a Catholic version of Sharia law on everyone if it was up to him. Do we know why he left the seminary and didn't go on to be come a priest? Apart from the fucking around we know he was doing at the time, I mean. Maybe he just couldn't handle having to change over to young boys once he was ordained.