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Why we need a ‘biased’ ABC

The ABC has survived despite the appointments of several inadequate general managers — and despite Government bias against it. The organisation can still hold its own in terms of its brilliant current affairs and good news services even though it is underfunded and criticised.

It’s a wonder that with a Liberal-biased board of directors that it has the latitude to report freely at all.

Governments continually condemn the ABC’s left-wing bias and yet without the ABC there would be little account for the Government’s decisions.

It is necessary and essential for the ABC to always be left of centre — whichever Government is in power. To be completely “unbiased” and not be opinionated is to be weak in my terms.

The people of Australia need the ABC and all its multi-functions, and it is a sad reflection that perhaps the ABC is not getting the general managers it deserves. For all his “calming” influence, Russell Balding was not the right man for the job. He is an accountant, a numbers man, and accountants should not be at the head of an expansive, free-thinking organisation. We need men of vision as managing directors, inspired leaders with a grand vision of where the ABC ought to stand in our society.

These days, in particular, when the Liberal Party has a free hand to make terrible blunders, we need an unshackled ABC with enough funds to keep us freely informed.
Gordon Bick (former ABC Four Corners producer), Rosebud

Alert and alarmed

Past defender of the ABC against political attacks Russell Balding has resigned at a crucial time — during a Government review to determine future funding for Auntie. It’s time to set up a 24/7 “citizens watch” for any sign of a Jonathan Shier look-alike lurking in the wings.
Lesley Cowie, Blackburn

Not only does the ABC need to be allowed to run without government interferance but it should be properly funded to do so as well. Since when did politicians become such gutless turds that they have to destroy all organs that provide a level of accountability? Oh, that’s right, since they could because the people can’t be stuffed making a ruckuss about anything.

I used to like the ALP. Hell, I even used to be a member. But that was before they completely sold out and became a spineless mass that couldn’t make a decision without checking in with the pollsters to see what Jane A. Citizen living in Waverley thought about it and then go along with that view.

Hear hear, Lesly Cowie, it’s beyond time we had a citizens watch to look out for the ABC. I’m with you – who else is coming?

Can we start by pressuring 3LO to stop installing vapid, tedious afternoon announcers that wouldn’t know how to be controversial if their lives depended on it?

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  • January 24, 2006