Sheer Hypocrisy


PM – Aussie vernacular makes tourism campaign a success
PAULA KRUGER: The Prime Minister has seen the ads, featuring iconic Australian images from the outback to the beaches, and says he has no problem with the language.

JOHN HOWARD: It’s a colloquialism, it’s not a word that is seen quite in the same category as other words that nobody ought to use in public or on the media or in advertisement. I think the style of the ad is anything but offensive. It is in fact in context and I think it’s a very effective ad.

PM to public: improve your manners
Prime Minister John Howard has backed calls by NSW Chief Justice James Spigelman for Australians to improve their manners.

Mr Howard said he agreed with the chief justice and believed Australians were not polite enough to each other.

He said television networks and parents had a responsibility to help people mind their manners.

“I think we have seen a marked deterioration in good manners,” Mr Howard told reporters.

“I think it’s time that the television networks put a curb on the increasing use of vulgarism on television.”

How does he figure that a $180,000,000 advertising campaign which uses a vulgarism as its central theme is anything except what he was complaining about back in January?

I don’t agree with John Howard on his views on vulgarities on TV causing society to have bad manners – that’s fine, I’m used to seething over what he has done to this country. But I’m offended – much more than by any dirty words that I’ve ever heard – by his expectation that no one is going to pull him up on being such a fricken hypocrite. How stupid does he think the Australian electorate is?

The whole AWB controversy has moved to the courtroom and is fed on the almost daily revelations. It seems everyone’s forgotten about the legislation that this government made law last year, making it illegal for any funding of terrorists. Shouldn’t the AWB all be locked up at this point because they’ve done exactly that?

The legislation introduced last year was a case of knee-jerk overkill which suits the government just fine for reasons well away from terrorism and is a product of over four years of fear-mongering but, now that they’ve done the damage, surely there’s no reason for them to not pursue the matter. Except we’re talking about a bunch of wealthy whiteys, aren’t we. We’re talking about Howard’s people – not some dusky skinned muslim who we’re told are the root of all terror evil.


  • February 24, 2006