Please make the pain stop!


Today’s the day! The day that thousands of non-thinkers get together along the Yarra and at the G and wail their little hearts out about nothing of any consequence.

Waking up in Richmond this morning, I thought for a moment I was in some sort of war zone with at least three different types of helicopters buzzing around the place. Once I regained full control of my senses, the image of a massive counter came to mind – like an odometer – counting up the dollars thrown away on this fools’ pursuit. Do you know how much it costs each minute to keep a helicopter in the air? How about those fighter jets that were buzzing around on Monday? You might be surprised how costly it is.

I still hear them now. Chicker-chicker-chicker-chicker-chicker-chicker… I’m not sure if that’s the sound of the rotors or the wasted-money-meter.

  • March 15, 2006