If we can’t live on the planet, the economy don’t mean shit, FUCKWIT!


“The fact is, if we signed the Kyoto Protocol, we would destroy a lot of Australian industry and we would send Australian jobs to countries like China, Indonesia and India,” John Howard said.

What a fucking cunt.

The only thing Howard’s got going for him is the strong economy that he’s found himself left with from the previous government. Take that away and you open the eyes of the electorate to how repugnant this government actually is and they’re swinging in the breeze at the next election.

While John Howard legislates to bring down wages of regular workers and gives outrageous powers to employers, he closes his eyes and pretends that there’s nothing happening with climate change. Why? Because he’s a spiteful, self-interested and selfish little fuck.

If nothing is done to stem the damage being done to the environment on this planet then the economy isn’t going to mean shit in a few years’ time. But by then Howard’s not going to be around to have to deal with it – he’ll be safe in his delusion, rotting away in his retirement, believing he left some sort of grand legacy from his time as PM. He should hope that he’ll have shuffled off by the time history truly judges him because it ain’t gonna be pretty.

You disgust me, John Howard.

Global warming poses major threat to Aust: Gore

  • September 11, 2006