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Abbott: He’s the Latham of the Right

Tony Abbot is such a smarmy little cocksucker but this morning's doorstop seemed just a little too rehearsed and premeditated. That's the one where he complained that Julia Gillard was cruising through question time with "a shit-eating grin." He actually pre-excused himself for using the phrase and then went on with it.

And it's not even a particularly witty use of strong language with that kind of run-up. If he'd spoken with his grown-up words, perhaps the story of the day would have been the point he was speaking to rather than him using the term shit-eating grin while having some issue about Gillard not scowling throughout question time.

I don't think Abbott's particularly bright. I think he's a wannabe dirty little dictator who would enforce a Catholic version of Sharia law on everyone if it was up to him. Do we know why he left the seminary and didn't go on to be come a priest? Apart from the fucking around we know he was doing at the time, I mean. Maybe he just couldn't handle having to change over to young boys once he was ordained.

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