Morons and Philistines


OMG! If this run of comments on this topic is anything to go by, this town is majority populated by philistines who are arrogant in their ignorance and have no idea of context. For as historical a piece as this to be completely open to the street and elements is the exact opposite of elitism and I’ve always thought it a shame more wasn’t done to protect it in the first place.

For the Banksy piece in Hosier Lane to have been destroyed by an overzealous cleaner is an absolute travesty. That the cleaners were sent in as a response to complaints from residents that they disliked the grafitti is akin to great and historical band venues being forced out of business in this town, due to dullards from the suburbs moving into where the action is, only to complain that there’s noise that they didn’t have to tolerate in North Balwyn and you people at the council should do your job for once and make it stop. Robert Doyle brushing the destruction aside, saying it wasn’t the Mona Lisa and an honest mistake, is a scandal and indicates that work practices within the City of Melbourne are unlikely to change and we’ll probably see something like this again.

The grafitti was there before them, the bands were there before them and, if they weren’t aware of any of it, that’s for lack of their own due diligence when they bought the property. Sell up for the handy profit offered by the ever increasing sales prices and piss off back to the burbs where everyone is tucked up in bed by 11pm.

People that lump all grafitti into one basket and cannot tell the difference between mindless tagging and a worthy piece of art that makes social, political and cultural commentary are morons and it is a pity these are the same morons writing letters to papers and calling talkback radio that then have unthinking bureaucrats and council doing their bidding.
  • April 29, 2010