Brockville Police Collective Agreement


Brockville Police Service reaches new collective agreement

The Brockville Police Service (BPS) and the Brockville Police Association (BPA) announced the ratification of a new collective agreement, ending months of negotiations. The agreement will be in effect from 2021 to 2024 and covers wages, benefits, and other working conditions for BPS members.

The new agreement includes a 6.5% pay increase for members over the term of the contract. This increase is consistent with other collective agreements in the area and is expected to help retain and attract experienced police officers to the BPS.

The agreement also includes improvements to benefits, including increased vision care coverage and an extended wellness program. The wellness program will offer BPS members access to a range of health and wellness services, including mental health support.

The BPS and BPA also agreed to incorporate a joint committee to explore options for shift scheduling and staffing levels. This committee will review the current staffing and scheduling practices and recommend changes to ensure optimal coverage and efficiency.

Jill Sturdy, President of the BPA, said, “We are pleased to have reached an agreement that supports the work of our police officers and their families. The new agreement provides fair compensation and benefits, which will help us to attract and retain talented police officers.”

Chief Scott Fraser of the BPS stated, “This agreement demonstrates the commitment of the BPS and the BPA to work together to provide our community with high-quality policing services. We believe the new agreement is fair and reasonable and reflects the hard work and dedication of our officers.”

The ratification of the new collective agreement is a positive step for the BPS and the community it serves. With fair compensation and improved benefits, the BPS can continue to provide high-quality and effective policing services to Brockville and surrounding areas.

  • August 31, 2023